2018 CCAA Men's Basketball All-Canadians

2018 CCAA Men's Basketball All-Canadians

The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association is proud to announce the 2018 CCAA Men’s Basketball All-Canadians.

The student-athletes, who are selected by their conference based on performance and contribution to the sport and their team, were honoured at a banquet during the 2018 CCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship, hosted by Collège Montmorency in Laval, QC.

Here are the 2018 CCAA Men’s Basketball All-Canadians:

Usama Zaid


Ravi Basra


VIU Mariners


Langara Falcons

Zaid, the PACWEST Player of the Year, led the Mariners to a 17-1 record and first-place finish in the conference. The third-year guard led the PACWEST with 26.1 points per game, was first with 48 steals and among the league leaders in rebounds. Zaid, now a two-time CCAA All-Canadian, is an extremely talented athlete who can score in a variety of ways. He coached at Mariners camps, in the Brar Basketball builds program and organized his own free camp at a First Nationals outreach centre.


Basra led the PACWEST with 8.25 assists per game and ranked in the Top 5 in points per game and steals. The third-year player led the Falcons to a 12-6 record and second-place finish in the PACWEST. Basra, a two-time CCAA All-Canadian, is a pure point guard who makes all his teammates better. He runs the fast break exceptionally well and plays his best in big-game situations. Basra has great leadership skills and is respected by not only his teammates but also his opponents.

Kenny Johnson


Murphy Beya


GPRC Wolves


SAIT Trojans

The ACAC Player of the Year led the CCAA with 31.9 points per game. Johnson, a fifth-year guard, also ranked among the conference Top 5 in assists, steals and defensive rebounds. His leadership has improved the work ethic and dedication of his teammates at GPRC. With a charismatic personality, Johnson is always spending time with youth at games and he inspires people to become a fan of the game. Johnson has conducted sessions for the Wolves Summer Camp and Elite Camp.


Beya led the Trojans to a 16-5 record and tie for first place in the ACAC South Division. Led by the fifth-year forward, SAIT defended its ACAC Championship crown. Beya ranked third in the ACAC with 10.7 rebounds per game and ranked fourth in the conference in blocks. He also led the Trojans with 15.8 points per game. Beya coaches at Trojans summer camps and works with SAIT’s game day soccer crew.

Rayvon Higdon


Khalil Miller


Redeemer Royals


Seneca Sting

Higdon led the Royals to a 19-1 record and first-place finish in the OCAA West Division. The three-time CCAA All-Canadian is now also a two-time OCAA Player of the Year. Higdon was among the OCAA leaders in points, steals and assists. The fifth-year forward/guard is Redeemer’s all-time points leader after only three seasons with the Royals. Higdon is the hardest worker on the team and he cares deeply about the success of the Redeemer program.


Miller led the Sting to the top of the OCAA East Division standings with a 19-1 record. The second-year forward led Seneca to its first OCAA Championship title in 30 years. Miller was first in the OCAA in blocks and fifth in rebounds. The team captain also led Seneca with 15.4 points per game. Miller is the first player in the building and usually the glue and communicator on the court with his fellow student-athletes.

Alix Lochard


Guillaume Pépin


Nomades de Montmorency


Dynamiques de Brébeuf

Lochard led the defending CCAA National Champion Nomades to a 13-3 record and second-place finish in the RSEQ. The two-time CCAA All-Canadian led the conference with 22.5 points per game and 11.5 rebounds per game. Lochard, a third-year forward, was named the RSEQ Player of the Year. He is Montmorency’s captain, leader and spark plug. Lochard’s love of the game transpires on the court in a way that energizes his teammates and the crowd.


Pépin led the Dynamiques to a 14-2 record and first-place finish in the RSEQ. The third-year forward was among the conference Top 10 leaders in points per game, rebounds and assists. Pépin shot an impressive 72-for-86 from the free-throw line. With his work ethic and experience, Pépin is Jean-de-Brébeuf’s undisputed team leader. He is always there for his team and fellow student-athletes.

Thomas LeGallais


Brandon Fields


Mount Allison Mounties


Crandall Chargers

The second-year guard led the Mounties to a 15-6 record and second-place finish in the ACAA. LeGallais led the conference with 21.2 points per game, ranked first with 52 steals and second with 110 assists. The ACAA Player of the Year has been a difference maker at Mount Allison. He is a gritty competitor who plays with passion and loves to have the ball in his hands. LeGallais is loved and respected by his teammates and continues to provide important leadership for the Mounties.


Fields led the ACAA with 119 assists and was among the Top 5 in points per game, steals and rebounds. The fourth-year guard led the Chargers to a 14-7 record and tie for third place in the conference. The Crandall captain demonstrates unwavering leadership on the floor as evidenced by his statistics but also by his character and the level of respect received by fans, opponents, teammates and officials. Fields is an exemplary member of the ACAA and CCAA.