Mike Lindsay Named 2010 CCAA Athletic Director of the Year

The award was presented to Mike Lindsay at this year's Annual General Meeting at Holland College in Charlottetown, PEI on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010.

Mike Lindsay has always advocated for the well-being of student-athletes and adheres to the philosophy that student satisfaction and student success should be key factors in our everyday decision making processes. He has dedicated himself as an Athletic Director for 24 years; currently he is the AD at Fanshawe College, a member of the OCAA. 

Fanshawe College was a founding member of the OCAA in 1967 and is a proud member of both the OCAA and CCAA. For over 38 years Mike has worked in college athletics within the OCAA and CCAA and has been a mentor for many college and conference athletic staff that has crossed his path during this time.

"I have had the privilege to work with Mike on numerous occasions and his main focus and concern is always the student-athlete and how best to create or increase opportunity for them.  He is a change agent and has been instrumental at introducing new CCAA sport offerings, like that of Cross Country Running, and persistent in implementing eligibility rules changes", says CCAA Executive Director Sandra Murray-MacDonell.

"On behalf of the CCAA, I would like to congratulate Michael Lindsay on this Honour."

Under Mike Lindsay's leadership, Student Success has become the number one priority at Fanshawe College. He fosters a very good partnership with all departments within the college Program Coordinators, Registrar's Office, Financial Aid and the Counselling department. 

Mike Lindsay is without a doubt a dedicated Athletic Director as well as member of the OCAA and the CCAA. He possesses leadership qualities that raise the bar in athletics and for this the CCAA congratulates him for his achievements as well as being this year's Athletic Director of the Year.

Mike Lindsay's Noticeable Achievements 2009-10

  • OCAA Gold Medal in Women's Soccer
  • OCAA Gold medals in Cross Country (overall team, men's team, women's team, women's individual)
  • OCAA Gold medal in Women's Indoor Soccer
  • OCAA Silver in Men's Golf  Individual
  • OCAA Silver medals in Cross Country (men's individuals, women's individuals)
  • OCAA Silver medal in Men's Basketball
  • OCAA Bronze medal in Men's Soccer
  • OCAA Bronze medals in Cross Country (men's individual, women's individual)
  • OCAA Bronze medal in Men's Curling
  • CCAA Silver medal in Women's Soccer
  • CCAA Gold medals in Cross Country (women's team, women's individual)
  • CCAA Bronze medal in Cross Country (men's team)
  • CCAA Wildcard berth in Men's Basketball
  • 18 OCAA All-Canadian award winners
  • 1 CCAA All Academic Award winner
  • 25 OCAA All-Star award winners
  • 7 CCAA All-Star award winners
  • 2 OCAA Coach of the Year Winners (Cross Country & Women's Basketball)