FACP 2018-19: Cross-Country Running

FACP 2018-19: Cross-Country Running

The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) is proud to announce its 2018-19 participant for the sport of Cross-Country Running.

Nordiques de Lionel-Groulx, RSEQ

Apprentice: Frédérique Cyr-Deschênes
Mentor: Olivier Lavoie

Frédérique Cyr-Deschênes’ running career at Collège Lionel-Groulx culminated with a gold medal at last fall’s CCAA Cross-Country Running National Championships, as the host Nordiques placed first overall in the women’s team event.

This season, Cyr-Deschênes returns to the institution as an apprentice; she will be mentored by her former coach, Olivier Lavoie.

“When I learned about this excellent program, it was clear to me that I should apply,” said Cyr-Deschênes. “Since the Nordiques program is led by an experienced coach, I know that I will be able to learn a lot and develop both my technical and leadership skills.”

Cyr-Deschênes was a running coach in an intra-mural league for student-athletes and teachers as well as a tutor for the music theory course during her time at Lionel-Groulx. She loved both experiences and looks forward to promoting values of team spirit, leadership and mutual support.

“To me, cross-country is the most beautiful sport, as it’s both an individual and a team sport,” said Cyr-Deschênes. “However, running is a sport that can be very hard psychologically.”

She believes training as a team helps student-athletes progress both in their performance as well as psychologically, as they know they have teammates they can rely on in good times and in bad.

“The spirit of camaraderie makes you forget the pressure that can hinder performance,” she said.

Cyr-Deschênes will work closely with Lavoie, who joined the Lionel-Groulx program in 2016. That season, he was named CCAA Cross-Country Running Coach of the Year.

He’s anxious to work with Cyr-Deschênes.

“Throughout my career, I was supported by several coaches who helped me grow on and off the field,” said Lavoie. “I am very proud to pass on what was shared with me and to foster an interest in coaching with a former student-athlete.”

Lavoie also recognizes the FACP program will allow him to improve his coaching skills while supporting a young coach – all while using the sport as a vehicle to promote academic, physical and personal development.

“The reputation of our program is well recognized and we are now looking forward to contributing to coach development as well as athlete development,” said Nathalie Blanchette, Conseillère à la vie étudiante at Lionel-Groulx. “There is no doubt that Frédérique and Olivier will ensure the success of the Female Apprentice Coach program at our college.”

Cyr-Deschênes is confident that she will bring another perspective to coaching at Lionel-Groulx.

“Cross-country is a mixed sport, and I think it’s important to have male and female coaches supporting the athletes,” she said. “It allows for different approaches with the athletes, but also provides them with role models and may even inspire some of them to become coaches themselves.”

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