Muskoseepi Park Course

The 2019 CCAA XC Running Championships will be contested over a 2 km loop in Grande Prairie’s Muskoseepi Park.  The venue has been used for a number of xc running races over the past few years including two ACAC Grand Prix races and the 2017 ASAA Zone XC Championships. 

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Course Walkthrough
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The race starts in a wide-open grassed area at the bottom of a shallow hill.  The first 150m of the course climbs the hill and then crosses a 2m wide, 30 m long concrete spillway which will be covered in carpet.  

After leaving the spillway, the next 300m of the course winds through a treed area on a wide (2 to 3m) dirt path ending in a short, sharp uphill.  From 500m to 1000m the course is flat and fast on a wide grassed area.  Soon after the 1 km mark, there is a sharp downhill, followed immediately by a moderately steep uphill. 

From there, the course again follows flat, grassed areas until the 1650m mark.  At that point, the course crosses a 35m long wooden bridge (3m wide, it will be carpeted).  After leaving the bridge there is a long, steep uphill followed quickly by a shorter, steep downhill. 


The final 150m of the course is slightly downhill and then flat on a wide, grassed area.  The final 70m is a straight, flat, grassed stretch to the finish. 

The race headquarters and washrooms are located in the Muskoseepi Park Pavilion which is about 150m from the start line.  The Pavilion provides plenty of room for athletes to keep warm and stay out of the elements if race day weather is inclement.  Adequate parking is available within 50m of the Pavilion.

Considering that the event takes place in Northern Alberta in November, the weather will be unpredicatble. Runners should be prepared for all conditions but the Hosts do have snow removal plans if necessary.