CCAA Badminton Nationals: Day 1 Recap

CCAA Badminton Nationals: Day 1 Recap

Round 1

The day started with three dominating performances as the OCAA, PACWEST and ACAC teams all breezed through their first rounds with 5-0 matches. The OCAA took on the OCAA Wildcard team and, led by the 2016 Female player of the year, Olivia Lei, simply overpowered the Ontario #2 squad. In a battle of the two coasts the PACWEST took on the ACAA and, although there were some spirited matches, the PACWEST won the battle decisively by a 5-0 margin. The third matchup was a battle of Alberta as the ACAC team and the ACAC Wildcard team took to the court. The ACAC team proved to be too much to handle for the Wildcard team and they emerged with a 5-0 victory.

The ‘Players of the Round’ as selected by a group of distinguished CCAA Badminton Alumni were:

Willinee Kwee   (PACWEST)
Blaine Weber (ACAC2)

Round 2

Round 2 had some closer battles highlighted by an outstanding set of matches between the ACAC and OCAA.  The OCAA was once again led by dominating singles performances by Olivia Lei and Wenchao Shi and they narrowly defeated the ACAC by a score of 3-2. The PACWEST took on the ACAC wildcard team and lost only the Women’s Doubles match to come out with a 4-1 victory.  The OCAA Wildcard team dominated play with a 5-0 victory in their match with the ACAA.

The Players of the round were:

Matt Downton  (PACWEST)
Jessica Murray  (OCAA2)

Round 3

Round 3 saw some of the toughest matches of the day with the PACWEST and ACAC fighting to a 3-2 finish with the ACAC in front. Excellent singles performances by PACWEST All-Canadians Graydon Rob and Melissa Lieu produced the two wins for PACWEST but outstanding play by the ACAC Men’s and Women’s Doubles and Mixed teams had already sealed the deal for the ACAC.

In the battle of the wildcard teams the OCAA2 overcame a determined ACAC2 team by a score of 4-1.

The OCAA continued to roll along with a decisive 5-0 win over the ACAA.

The Players of the round were:

Jeffery Ko (ACAC)
Rachael Smillie (ACAC2)



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