Partnership Benefits for CCAA Member Institutions

Product Pricing: Special pricing is available on the Wilson Evolution (The Official Basketball of the CCAA) on purchases made through Big Kahuna (The Official Retailer and Team Supplier of the CCAA). Wilson is also creating a special CCAA Logoed basketball for team and retail purchases.

Royalty: Wilson will pay the CCAA a royalty on all basketballs purchased by CCAA Member Institutions between May 1 and April 30 each year. A portionof the royalty shall be returned to each particpating/purchasing insitution who submits a year end invoice.

MIP Prizing: All CCAA member institutions who purchase Wilson products and submit year end invoices are eligible to win a Prize Package.

Please visit Wilson's Official Website for more details regarding their basketball products.   As the "Official Basketball of the CCAA" Wilson also provides an additional 24 "Evolution" Basketballs to the CCAA for use during the CCAA National Championships and 10 "Evolution" Basketballs for every participating Conference Championship. 

For more information regarding this partnership or the CCAA and its Marketing initiatives, please contact Brandon Stone, CCAA Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator.

Brandon Stone
Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator
Coordonnateur du marketing et des commandites 
CCAA Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association
ACSC Association canadienne du sport collégial
[t] 613-937.1508 x 2
[f] 613.937.1530
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