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The Government of Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis in 2018. CCAA Student-Athletes, who are subject to the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP), must be aware that this does not affect the status of cannabis in sport. Cannabis continues to be a prohibited substance and a positive test can still result in a sanction. 

The following links offer a number of resources for teams and student-athletes:  FAQ / Quiz / Cannabis in Sport Education Kit / Medical Marijuana / Media Releases and Advisory Notes / References and ResourcesContact 



CCAA First aims to promote and inform students about the opportunities and advantages of pursuing their academic and athletic goals at a Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) post-secondary institution. Whether you’re a soccer player who hopes to become an environmental engineer, or a future National Team volleyball player who wants to be an electrician, you can combine your passion for sport and your pursuit of higher education at a CCAA Institution.

High Quality Education

Canadian colleges and institutes have evolved into incredibly sophisticated providers of education and research services. CCAA members are part of this leading-edge education system, which includes:

  • a 90% post-graduation employment rate.
  • opportunities to learn in English, French or bilingual programs.
  • a huge range of credentials from shorter term diplomas and certificates, to bachelor’s degrees, post graduate certificates and master’s degrees.
  • adaptive training programs designed to respond to the needs of employers and communities.
  • strong connections with employers in the regions they serve, to offer students a diverse range of work-integrated learning opportunities, from co-ops and internships to apprenticeships, field placements, applied research projects, and service learning.
  • Government subsidies that keep education costs low but their quality high.
  • being an active part of healthy and safe Canadian communities (among the best in the world). 

High Quality Athletics

Participating in collegiate athletics provides students with multiple benefits and the CCAA National Championships and Awards represent the culmination of each athletic season and the aspiration of each student athlete. The CCAA Athletic landscape includes:

  • being part of Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development with opportunities for athletes to excel through provincial, national and international competitions.
  • competitive leagues, tournaments and championships that are professionally organized and hosted by the participating institutions and their respective Conferences.
  • experiencing Canada’s world-class coach development system.
  • elite competition and training facilities, many of which are home to national team training.
  • active and significant athletic scholarship offerings - more than $7 million annually.
  • national, regional and local awards and recognition to outstanding student-athletes, honouring both their athletic and academic achievements.
  • an inclusive environment that encourages student-athletes of all-skill levels to embark on their athletic goals, whether it be pursuing a spot on a National Team or playing for your community. 


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