Li-Ning serves up a partnership with the CCAA

Li-Ning serves up a partnership with the CCAA

A new three-year agreement designates Li-Ning as the 'Official Badminton Equipment of the CCAA' and supplier of the 'Official Shuttlecock of the CCAA Badminton National Championships'. 

The partnership will see Li-Ning be an active participant at the 2020, 2021 and 2022 National Championships.

“We are very pleased to be to be partnering with the CCAA and look forward to working together to raise the profile and excitement of Canada’s National Collegiate Championships” said Len Carter, President of LN Distribution.

Li-Ning's top-quality Aviation +100 will be the 'Official Shuttlecock of the CCAA' and will be used during competition at the CCAA Badminton National Championships. One of the main benefits in the partnership is Li-Ning's commitment to supporting the CCAA and it's Hosts in staging a world class event. Li-Ning will provide the shuttles for the Championship as well as other assets to outfit the venue for competition.

"The CCAA has an extensive badminton history and this partnership will help elevate the National Championships to another level," stated Joel Mrak, CCAA Vice-President of Marketing. "As an industry leader in Canada and a major supporter of quality badminton tournaments, Li-Ning is an ideal partner for the CCAA."

Li-Ning is also developing online accounts at for the CCAA and its Members to purchase Li-Ning products, with special CCAA pricing, for team, conference and CCAA associated events.

For more information on this agreement (products, purchasing methods, and general inquiries) please contact Brandon Stone.