Molten & the CCAA to reach 10 years together

Molten & the CCAA to reach 10 years together

A decade long partnership is a milestone to be proud of and the CCAA and Molten will reach that benchmark thanks to a renewed agreement.

The Molten V5M5000 began its run as the Official Volleyball of the CCAA in 2011 and the company's support and involvement with the CCAA will continue through at least 2021.

"Molten is thrilled to continue our partnership with the CCAA," says Melissa Dawson, President of Molten USA, Inc. "We look forward to continuing our partnership with this outstanding organization and thank them for the overwhelming support."

Molten provides volleyballs for the CCAA National Championships and Marketing Incentive Program as well as BKF Series Ball Carts for Hosts and their popular mini volleyballs for prizing and giveaways. For the first time in the partnership, Molten will also be providing V5M5000 Volleyballs for all five Conference Championships. A CCAA branded Molten volleyball is also a future venture for the partners.

"Molten has earned the respect of the CCAA's convenors, coaches and most importantly athletes in it's time as the Official Volleyball", states Joel Mrak, VP Marketing with the CCAA. "The combination of a quality product and strong commitment to supporting collegiate athletics in Canada has made them an excellent partner for the CCAA."

Two CCAA members with strong volleyball traditions will be the first national championship stops on the new three-year agreement. The Red Deer Kings and the Niagara Knights will host the country's best men's and women's teams respectively March 6-9, 2019.